www.GardenerSocial.com Is A Social Network For Gardening Enthusiasts Paying $10 Per Lead.

Payout $10 - USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand
Payout $3 - English Speaking South and Central America, Spain, 
France, Germany, Italy, Greece, India and Switzerland

Accepted Traffic Types: Banner Display, Web And Mobile Text Links, Search, Email Marketing, Link Out On Non Incentives Paths, Contextual, Push
Unaccepted Traffic Types: Content Locking, Coreg, Proxy or VPN IP Traffic, SMS, Cash Back

Requiring - Unique user 18 and older with valid email, postal address, telephone or cell phone. 
Offer converts on page 1 after a successful submission.

Web Landing Page https://www.gardenersocial.com
Mobile Landing Page https://www.gardenersocial.com

Offer can be pixeled and EliteMate provides a log in with real time stats.

Call 718 938 1203 or email aff@elitemate.com or sign up here to be an Gardener Social affiliate.

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 Gardener Social - Meet People Who Also Like Gardening
Want to meet people who are interested in gardening?
Want to date people who like gardening as one of their main interests?
Are you a big gardener and want to meet another gardener?








Call 718 938 1203 or email aff@elitemate.com or Sign Up Here to be an Gardener Social affiliate.