is the employment opportunity of a lifetime!
As an affiliate, you hold the key to:
  • Substantial monthly residual income
  • Unlimited earning potential
Now you can work on your own schedule, at your own pace. Say goodbye to punch clocks, office politics, and laboring all day for an oppressive boss... and say hello to the ideal job of the 21st Century-- the way work is supposed to be!

What is ?

ElitePartnerships is the home portal for ElitePartnerships affiliates-- people like you acting as outside contractors soliciting and referring clients to EliteMate.com, The Hottest Interactive Picture Personal Website on the Net.

A well-respected and thriving online matchmaking service, EliteMate.com provides people in the U.S. and abroad with quality, fun, efficient online matchmaking for pen pals, friendship, love... and perhaps even marriage.

Wherever someone lives, and whether they are seeking someone to hang out with or someone to share their life with, EliteMate.com has hund#013253s of thousands of interesting, hip, attractive, single men and women to choose from. The easy-to-search, exciting format includes features people love, such as photo and video profiles, instant messaging, private email, astrological compatibility, chat rooms, greeting cards, and so much more. These services will keep EliteMate.com's clients on board month after month.

EliteMate.com succeeds at adding immense variety to clients' social lives while greatly increasing their chances of a quality match. Basically, any place where people are looking to meet others is a viable opportunity for an ElitePartnerships affiliate. Affiliates establish clients for EliteMate.com through numerous marketing venues: nightclubs, bars, restaurants, tanning salons, gyms, beauty parlors, online chat rooms, links from other websites, opt-in email blasts, search engines, banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, etc.

Why will I make the most money with ElitePartnerships?
  • Substantial monthly residual income and unlimited income potential: Each affiliate earns $5 the first month a person comes on board EliteMate.com as a paying client, and $5 each subsequent month that the person remains a paying client.  You can also chose to get a 1 time payment of $3 for each registrant with valid email address and contact information this campaign can not be combined with the 50/50 Split campaign...its either one or the other).  The necessary contact information is found on the first page of this registration form.


    All free leads must be subscribed in the USA, Canada and the UK with a valid email address.
  • That's a 50/50 Split for the 1st month and a 50/50 split for each additional month between the affiliate and the EliteMate.com: For as long as the affiliate-refer#013253 client continues to pay for EliteMate.com's monthly membership fee, the affiliate gets a 50% of the membership proceeds.
  • Unique referral code and intuitive online account tracking:New clients sign onto the EliteMate.com website with unique 5 digit referral code (e.g., FREE7) of the affiliate who has refer#013253 her or him. This code gives the new client the valuable $5 discount ($14.99 regular price). The ElitePartnerships system records all new clients on each affiliate's private, easily-accessible accounting grid.
  • Affiliates' clients are their clients for life: Affiliates earn $5 per person per month each time one of their inactive clients returns to paying client status-- a unique benefit we deliver to our affiliates. We believe that once you have solicited and refer#013253 a paying client, you should reap the benefits of your work for life.Residual income possesses the potential to go on and on...
  • EliteMate.com clients generate even more income for ElitePartnerships affiliates:In the event that an ElitePartnerships affiliate has signed up a client that refers other new clients, that affiliate will start earning a $5 residual income the moment that the new client-refer#013253 client pays the monthly subscription rate! (see below for more info)
  • Generous discount offer for affiliates' clients: For starters, EliteMate.com offers our affiliates a major head start by enabling you to sign up client at the discounted rate of $9.99 per month; that's a substantial $5  discount off of EliteMate.com's current monthly subscription rate of $14.99 -- and an enticing selling point.

Give me an example of how I get paid…

Let's say that as an ElitePartnerships affiliate, you sign up 1000 clients in a given month (that's on average 50 clients per day, 5 days per week, 4 weeks in a row). You will be paid $5,000 for that month ($5 per client X 1000 clients). Plus, you will be paid $5 per person for each additional month those clients stay on board as paying EliteMate.com clients. As you can see, that adds up to sizeable immediate and residual income!

Give me an example of residual income…

Let's say you are an ElitePartnerships affiliate and have been signing up thousands of clients over a six-month period. You now have an average of 4000 active clients that retain their subscription with EliteMate.com, month after month. That's $5 X 4000 active clients, which equals $20,000 per month in residual income. This income just keeps coming in as long as the clients remain active and paying for EliteMate.com services.

As an ElitePartnerships affiliate, you may even elect to run your own marketing business and share a portion of your monthly income with your own working partner(s). It's clear: becoming an ElitePartnerships affiliate can enable you to escape the rat race for good!

EliteMate.com clients make even more money for ElitePartnerships affiliates!

Each EliteMate.com client receives their very own client referral code the moment they join, which they are encouraged to use to receive a free month's subscription every time they refer a new paying client to EliteMate.com. What's more, the new client-refer#013253 client is invited to join at the appealing $5 discount, therefore coming onboard EliteMate.com at the lower $9.99 monthly rate, just like the affiliate-refer#013253 clients.

In the event that an ElitePartnerships affiliate signed up the referring client, that affiliate will start earning a $5 residual income the moment that the new client pays the monthly subscription rate!

The referral process is set up on the EliteMate.com site in such a way that it is simple for anyone to understand: the Refer-A-Friend webpage allows a current client to enter email addresses of potential future clients and send them referral-coded invitations. And innovatively designed tracking behind the scenes allows affiliates to benefit directly from EliteMate.com's Refer-A-Friend program. Each affiliate's clientele tree can easily grow grows bigger and bigger...

Referral codes are an outstanding tool, allowing each ElitePartnerships affiliate's clients work for her or him, seamlessly and at no cost. Everyone -- the clients, the affiliates, and EliteMate.com-- wins in the process.  

How do I keep track of my clients?

Each ElitePartnerships affiliate can log onto the Internet to check the status of his or her own account at any convenient time. You just go to ElitePartnerships, use your private password and unique access code, and click on the View Reports tab. Your accounting grid is then displayed, allowing you to view your entire clientele base and related income.

A sample accounting grid is below. Simple enough to check out while lying on a beautiful sunny beach with a laptop!

Information for Referral Code:free7

Number of New Members (In last 30 days):


Number of New PAYING Members (In last 30 days):


Total Number of Paying Members: (Greater than 30-days members)


Total Number of Non-Paying Members:


Total Number of Guests:


Total Number of "Enjoying Free Month" Users:


Total Number of "Life Time Free" Users:


Total Number of Charge Backs (In last 30 days):


You will be able to track your existing clients through your own referral code, online, in real time at www.ElitePartnerships

To view an example, log-in at www.ElitePartnerships as Username: FREE7 and password: FREE77 and click on View Reports.

How do I get paid?

  • ElitePartnerships affiliates are paid on a monthly basis with a 15-day holdover period. For example, if you do your networking for ElitePartnerships in the month of January, you will be paid after February 15th.
  • Affiliates are given a 1099 form at the end of each accounting year.
  • ElitePartnerships affiliates are their own bosses and are independent contractors working with ElitePartnerships.
How do I signup new clients?  How do you make it easier for me?

ElitePartnerships is committed to making sure getting started is easy and painless for entrepreneurs.

Should you desire, ElitePartnerships will refer you to a great printing company that will produce brochures, business cards, and/or promotional post cards for you at wholesale printing cost.  This makes it extra-easy for an ElitePartnerships affiliate to get started on a very small budget.

You sign up people by giving them your business cards, promotional post cards, brochures-- or simply by providing them with your discount access code (i.e., your unique, trackable referral code). After all, the only thing the prospective client actually needs is your ElitePartnerships affiliate referral code and they can gain a $5 discount entry onto EliteMate.com. All affiliates can go to www.ElitePartnerships and pick their own code so they can then track their clientele up to the minute.

As soon as one of the clients you have solicited and refer#013253 pays to get onto EliteMate.com, they will appear on your accounting grid for that month, and a few weeks later you can start getting paid. As long as the client keeps paying for EliteMate.com monthly subscription fee, you will continue to receive income.

ElitePartnerships affiliates who are using their own website(s) for marketing purposes will be provided with an online link that brings their prospective clients to the EliteMate.com Sign Up page. The affiliate's unique 5-digit alphanumeric referral code is automatically embedded on the Sign Up page, and the code follows the client throughout the EliteMate.com site until the client joins.

Click here for a sample sign-in page with the referral code filled in:


As an affiliate with or without your own website, your referral code can be embedded into an HTML ad you distribute to your clients via email, and you can also put this code on your club flyers, business cards, print ads, etc. As mentioned above, the code follows the potential client throughout the EliteMate.com site until they sign-up. The HTML ad brings your potential clients to the EliteMate.com sign-up page, featuring an offer to get free anti-spy ware software, a free personalized astrology text reading, and a free long distance IP dialer if they join! This is great enticement to gain the client. And once the client joins, the EliteMate.com site speaks for itself with an exciting features such as multiple photos of members, detailed personal profiles, video profiles, astrological compatibility feature, private email, instant messenger, private live chat, fun greeting cards, and a whole lot more. 

Become and ElitePartnerships affiliate and let others work for you!

ElitePartnerships affiliate who wishes to share their profits with others can create a down-line of affiliates who work for them. For example, you, an ElitePartnerships affiliate, may work out a deal with the owner of a tanning salon to split profits and expenses 50/50 in return for distributing your promotional materials (with your referral code) to all of their tanning clients. Say the tanning salon has 9 locations, and over a course of a month it signs up 3000 new members to EliteMate.com: the gross revenue for that one relationship you established creates $15,000. You split this 50/50, equaling $7,500 gross income for each of you that month. And that is just from one connection you made plus the cost of promotional materials. Imagine partnering with 20 people and signing up 60,000 people per month and splitting the proceeds. That's a potential $300,000 gross revenue in your pocket for that month. WOW!

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