www.MobileModelCasting.com Is A New Mobile Dating Site To Meet Attractive Singles From Your Cell Phone - Paying $5 Per Lead. 


Payout $5 - USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand
Payout $2 - English Speaking South and Central America, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, India and Switzerland

Requiring - Unique user 18 and older with valid email, postal address, telephone or cell phone.
All traffic must 18 and older.

Mobile Compatible Landing Page - https://www.MobileModelCasting.com

Offer can be pixeled and EliteMate provides a log in with real time stats.

Call 718 938 1203 or email aff@elitemate.com or sign up here to be ModelCastingCall affiliate.
(please call toll FREE 888 ELITE 51 after you sign up to be approved)

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Model Casting Call Mobile - We Simplify Your Search For Modeling And Acting Jobs From Your Cell Phone
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