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www.ElitePartnerships.com would love to host Newsletter, Testimonial, Articles, Blogg, Ideas And Beliefs To Generate Residual Income Cooperatively.   ElitePartnerships will cut you in on a 33% monthly commission check from the Advertising revenue that is generated from your content page(s). We will simply take your content and host the information on www.EliteMate.com's servers and send you a revenue check on all the money that is generated each month under that particular html pages you have on EliteMate. We will send your revenue reports every 14 days. Advertisers (ie Google Adsense) pays us net 30 and we will pay you net 15 after we get paid by Google. So you will be paid net 45 or less for work you are already putting out there on the web or somewhere else. EliteMate is a highly trafficked site and does 3500-5000 new registrants a day worldwide and is impressively ranked on www.Alexa.com. Our cooperative partnership will create a great business money making opportunity with residual income. Please submit a sample of your writing to our publishing department for approval.  Once we approve your writing content we will send you an online affiliate publishing contract.

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Nenigirl92656, California
EliteMate Testimonial

Hi EliteMate, Happy Holidays to you!

I thank the EliteMate team for helping me out in my quest to find true  love .. LOL .. I am excited to say that I did finally found my true love after being single for more than 10 years.

Who ever knew that I would find my love on the pacific island where my parents are from on EliteMate.com!


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